Kirk Launches New Web Site Dedicated to Niche Marketers


Our Acesse Harmony Group is proud to announce the successful launch of a great new site by our networker Acesse United States-Philippines Team headed by Kirk and Khay-khay. 

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Congratulations to Kirk and Khay-khay.  They recognize that niche marketing is the wave of the future, and that the trend for online marketing is led by the powerful products available from Acesse.  Mobile users, check this out too:

and see how you can get your free app, and what YOUR FREE MOBILE APP site can look like.  To sign up for YOUR FREE MOBILE APP, click here and sign up –  Yes —  FREE!

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Danita W Wins Trip to the Acesse 2013 Annual Las Vegas Conference


As an all-star member of the Acesse Harmony Group team of internet marketing consultants, we are proud to announce that Danita W has earned her way to a trip to Las Vegas for the:

Furthermore, Danita W has been nominated for the honor of receiving the Harmony Social NetWorker of the Year Award.  Harmony Group will select the winner of this prestigious award during the November Acesse 2013 Annual Las Vegas Conference, and Harmony Group will announce the winner of their Social NetWorker award soon thereafter.

Our congratulations and gratitude go out to Danita for her work.  She has aptly been rewarded with this Las Vegas trip, and we wish her the best of luck as a deserving contestant for the Harmony Social NetWorker award as well.

Follow Danita W!  She is a fine leader and you’ve gotta “like” her!

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Danita W Knows Her Stuff Using Acesse and Facebook and Empower Network and BIM


You, too, can learn from Danita W about how to get Facebook Likes and traffic to your site — for PENNIES PER CLICK –  or better yet — for FREE!

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Video – Fire-Up Tour

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Congratulations to Danita W.  She is swiftly becoming an Acesse Harmony Group Superstar.

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